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When our family benefited both an adult and a child in our household using a fidget spinner, we knew this was a fun and functional toy and believed this was a product to get behind. However we also had disappointing experiences with some low quality spinners breaking or not spinning smoothly. We decided to find and test the best spinners available and then make those available on our site. The majority of our spinners are made of metal and have smooth/log spin times. We believe fidget spinners have both a fun and functional use. While some of our products are rooted in helping people with ADHD and concentration / focus issues, we do not recommend taking these to school as they often distract the room at large. However, they are great tools for homework and reducing distractions when used in small settings. Beyond that fidget spinners are fun for everyone and we have a ton of unique and durable (metal) spinners that can showcase your individual style!